Blurring the lines between the digital and the physical

A tesseract is a mathematical way of representing objects with a different number of dimensions, relative to each other. Pictured is a 3D cube inside a 4D cube, this is a tesseract.

With the advent of virtual and augmented reality, we have moved the ability to represent data into another dimension. The implications of this on the way we interact with data are profound and world changing.

Since we first learnt to synthesise, store and share data, since we learnt to say, there is danger over there, and food over here, humanity has advanced in leaps and bounds.

We forged symbols to represent concepts and created interfaces to interact with them. From papyrus, to stone, to protons and light. From zero to one, to a quintillion. We are becoming masters of data, of experience.

Now we can interact with our creations in ways never imagined, but always dreamed. We can take our minds on journeys deep into the visions of others. Play with, explore and share each others thoughts, creations and discoveries.

This new world of virtual reality may seem alien. Clunky plastic goggles, old phones strapped to tired faces. Hunched over desks at 4 in the morning. But we are here, building virtual worlds, for you, for each other. New spaces to share and cherish, new experiences we can be a part of together.

Within these bulky devices we see the blinking green text of the early computers, simple machines that let us quickly synthesise and visualise data. We see the potential for these devices to become unobtrusive portals to digital worlds. We are on a planet where resources and space are diminishing. The ability to open up to searing, bright, unique experiences and interactions will free us from the shackles of our physical bonds.

A salaryman in tokyo living in a capsule apartment can dance through the stars with a russian ballroom dancer who lost her legs in the war. Two scientists can playfully build rockets together from across the globe, doctors can perform operations and fathers can watch their babies being born, from anywhere there is power and light.

We can be connected, interwoven, empowered to create the next phase of humanity. Where the bounds between the digital and the physical, the walls between the dimensions are blurred, as we spiral into our future, discovering ourselves through the things we create.