Virtual and augmented reality development house based in Melbourne, focussing on stories, game design and new interaction models.

Grid City - PAX installation

Level build as part of the VR Rollercoaster installation at PAX, presented by Merkava. Designed to evoke scale, using layered buildings to create parallax and depth; lighting to create mood and unify textures; and custom assets to deliver brand message.

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Bureau of Unexplained Phenomena.

Immersive detective based puzzle game. A struggling paranormal detective, living in and alternate history, where alien contact was handled very differently. Designed around noir and retro-futurism concepts, to be released episodically, Kickstarter coming soon.

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Escape From Wizard Island

Escape From Wizard Island is a first person homage to the classic point and click adventure game. You open your eyes in a strange place, with nothing in your mind except the fact that something is wrong. You must find out how you got here, and more importantly; how to escape.

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The Great Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

An app built on behalf of CoinJar, APAC's leading bitcoin company. A simple augmented reality puzzle game, released by a cryptic pirate, who littered clues through source code, the blockchain and the app, with the winner receiving a bitcoin prize at the end.

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The cube cannot perceive the hypercube, the subject cannot perceive the story. As the walls blur between the digital and the physical, so to are the lines between our realities and our stories.


Unity // CS // JS // WebGL // HTML+CSS